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Jennifer H., 20 December 2008

Alex is fantastic! He is the best massage therapist I've ever experienced! 

LM, 31 January 2009 

My life changed because of Dr. Lilly Chan. In November 2007 I had my first visit. I was under the care of two surgeons. They wanted to do surgery on my back and fusions in my neck. I could not hold an onion to cut it or open a door using my left hand. I am a realtor and it affected by income. I could hardly walk going into her office my first visit. I was so down and prayed this would be my answer. Lilly is my angel. After one month of treatments I could use my left hand again. The swelling went down. I will be with her for the rest of my life. My back and legs hurt when I need treatments. After my visit with Dr. Chan, I get a massage to relax my tight muscles. Sondra and Alex are so good.

 Jasper Tan, 13 Aug 2010

Dr. Lilly has helped my family greatly. My son is a piano major and his wrist was injured a few years ago. For the past few years our family took him to many physical therapists and hand therapists but he couldn't get any better. We are thankful that Dr. Lilly has given him many wonderful treatments, such as acupuncture and herbal methods. Now he can still play his piano. Also I got in a car accident in May and was treated by chiropractor and physical therapies but my condition didn't improve. I flew from Minnesota to receive treatments from Dr. Lilly. Now, my neck and upper back pain are almost gone. Now I can sleep better and my dizziness has greatly improved. If I can stay longer here, I will continue my treatments. Dr. Lilly is a skillful and caring doctor. If my son didn't receive treatments from her, he wouldn't be able to continue and pursue his dream of becoming a piano teacher.

TH, 2 December 2008

Lilly, with her knowledge and her healing approach, gave me my active life back after an injury. The combination of acupuncture, deep tissue massage and Chinese herbs and the advice is the BEST! I hope others will have an open mind to experience what I have. 



Christi G., 2 January 2009

I have been coming to see Dr. Chan since around October for a chronic cough and impacted sinus - as well as low immune system. Within the first week, my cough I thought I would never be able to get rid of (had for months), is now gone. Sinuses much better now... continuing treatment.

Brittary B., 8 July 2010 

Lilly has helped me so much with my severe digestive problems that I have been suffering from for years. I will continue to visit in the future as I recover. She has also helped the rest of my family tremendously with back, joint, and nerve pain. You are a very special friend to me. Thank you.

Jennifer F., 25 September 2013

When I cam in here in June, I could barely walk - the pain was so bad in my hip and leg from a pinched nerve. Dr. Lilly has helped me tremendously through her acupuncture treatments and exercises she gave me. I can now move about 80% more freely. I am so thankful for getting her name as a recommendation. She is truly blessed n helping people heal. (I have driven here all the way from Kingwood!) 

 Carol L., 6 September 2011

I have been here several times - always the same problem area in my upper back/neck. There were times when i needed help to get up or even out of my bed. One hour with [Massage Therapist] Alex and I am able to move freely - free of pain due to the painful knots I get in my back muscles. The acupuncture is amazing as well. I have recommended Dr. Chan and Alex to all my friends and anyone who has pain. Thank you all so much for all of your hard work!! 

LJ, 15 August 2009

Dr. Chan is wonderful. I quit smoking after two sessions and have been coming for over a year and a half for whatever ails me. Massages are awesome as well. 

CB, 15 July 2014

Dr. Chan saved my life. I have issues with my neck which causes muscle knots, spasms and pinched nerves in my neck, shoulders, rotator cuffs and down my right arm. I also have issues with my lower back that are literally crippling during a flare up. I had seen a plethora of physicians and specialists who told me that I wasn't a candidate for surgery and I'd simply have to learn to live with and manage the pain. There were days when I couldn't turn my head and/or lift my right arm. I couldn't work for more than a few hours before the pain became overwhelming. My immune system was shot and even the slightest cold would have me bedridden for weeks. I developed adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and type II diabetes. I became depressed. I was suicidal. When I first visited Friendswood Massage and Acupuncture Clinic I was on powerful prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories; I was still in constant pain, plus suffering the side effects of the medications. After my first acupuncture treatment, I was pain free for days. If you've ever lived with acute chronic pain, you know what a godsend even a few pain free hours can be. It was a miracle! After a few of weeks of acupuncture I was able to stop taking my meds and resume a normal work schedule. After my pain was under control, Dr. Chan focused my attention on specific exercises to slowly strengthen my wasted muscles, Chinese herbs to support my system and dietary and lifestyle changes that, in addition to regular acupuncture treatments and occasional sessions with her amazing massage therapists, have helped me slowly heal the systemic damage I sustained during those horrendous pain-filled years. I've been seeing Dr. Chan regularly for about a year and a half now; she's given me back my life, my health and my love of life.

LF, 6 May 2011

I have been coming for five years to Dr. Chan. She is wonderful. Stopped smoking, lost weight and now running better than ever! The massages are awesome too! 

Angie A, 2 July 2010 

Dr. Chan is amazing! I love her acupuncture and her healing hands are amazing! Best massages! Thanks for taking pain and muscle ache away!